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salivary bioscience workflow

My Research Study

For academic or research studies intended to produce results for a peer-reviewed publication
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    Discuss Project Plan with Salimetrics
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    Choose Your Analytes
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    Request Quote
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    Submit Grant Proposal / Receive Award
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    Order and Receive Collection Supplies
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    Collect Saliva
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    Send Samples / Purchase Assay Kits
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    Analyze Results
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My Clinical Study

For clinical or exploratory studies for the medical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry
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    Discuss Project End Points with Salimetrics
  • Step2
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    Request Statement of Work
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    Order and Receive Collection Supplies
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    Coordinate Saliva Collection
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    Send Samples / Purchase Assay Kits
  • Step6
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    Analyze Results

How is salivary bioscience making an impact in biomedical, pharmacological and clinical research in the fields of diabetes, PTSD, circadian rhythm, stress, reproductive health, exercise science and more?

First in Salivary Science

Founded in 1998, Salimetrics has led the cutting edge in Salivary Bioscience and is committed to supporting saliva research around the world. Salimetrics assays have been used in more saliva-related published papers than any other assay in the field, and our customer support staff is unparalleled. We look forward to assisting your research now and for many years to come.

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Safe Saliva Collection in the COVID-19 Era
We have Good News!

Successfully recalibrate your saliva collection and handling procedures with these new safety and compliance guidelines for the COVID-19 era. These guidelines are good practice, easy to follow, and will allow you to begin or continue your research during this historical period of stress and unease… (Read More)

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