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Salimetrics Certified Saliva Testing Labs


As researchers, we understand the necessity of minimizing variability from external sources that can negatively impact data interpretation. Variability can arise from many factors, such as differences between samples, participant noncompliance, specimen handling, differences between assay kits, and/or differences between laboratories. Controlling for sources of variability leads to higher data consistency, which is essential in establishing precise results and drawing reliable conclusions from generated data. Read More


Qualification as a Salimetrics COE lab requires a combination of good salivary bioscience laboratory practices and demonstrated experience achieving quality salivary bioscience methods and testing. Participation in the Salimetrics saliva proficiency testing program is required for COE labs.

Labs are invited to participate in the program by first demonstrating compliance with quality salivary bioscience methods as evidenced by lab testing performance data. A questionnaire is also provided to document qualifications. Labs that have an ongoing relationship with Salimetrics are then requested to participate in the Salimetrics proficiency testing program to confirm proficiency by achieving accuracy and correlation with other certified labs. Labs who do not receive a ‘passing grade’ will be able to work with Salimetrics’ technical staff to improve but will not be recognized as a COE Lab until all requirements are met.

COE labs are expected to promote quality salivary bioscience methods to researchers by hosting or presenting “Spit Camps” and “Saliva Collection Workshops” which provide optimal collection methods for research studies, as well as help researchers think of ways to reduce variability and increase quality in their salivary bioscience research. Salimetrics provides a program guide for COE labs that encompasses a full two-day Spit Camp training session with a lab component. Salimetrics encourages COE labs to supplement Spit Camp with their own teaching materials prepared for the classroom and other salivary bioscience training sessions. Salimetrics will support COE labs, at no cost, with presentation materials and collection sample packs used by Salimetrics and other COE labs as part of Spit Camps. COE labs will also receive advanced notice of any important technical information and new product offerings from Salimetrics.

Labs qualified by Salimetrics as COE labs will be provided a certificate and featured on the Salimetrics’ COE webpage. Our webpage will link research scientists to the COE lab webpage and also provide contact information. Likewise, it is requested that the COE lab’s university/ organization allow a link from the COE lab’s website to Salimetrics, preferably where it lists saliva testing options. In addition to the website, Salimetrics will be promoting the COE lab to nearby researchers as the Salimetrics team travels to conferences and other university Spit Camp workshops.

The COE Lab certification program is a commitment to the rigor and reproducibility required for high quality Salivary Bioscience research, and Salimetrics looks forward to partnering with COE labs to provide credible, non-invasive, quantitative data.

Certificate of Excellence Program Mission

  • Promote reproducible scientific findings through saliva testing methods
  • Facilitate research by pointing scientists to credible, qualified and experienced testing labs
  • Encourage other labs to raise their level of accuracy and significance

Center of Excellence Lab Requirements

  • Current, experienced Salimetrics assay user that performs a minimum of 5,000 salivary tests/year
  • Provide high-quality, meaningful data as evidenced by lab testing performance data including standards, controls and replicate data that meet COE lab requirements
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Salimetrics Saliva proficiency program
  • Demonstrate and maintain experienced staff trained in salivary bioscience; quality, calibrated equipment; and reasonable processing times

Center of Excellence Lab Expectations

  • Promote quality salivary bioscience methods to researchers
  • Provide accurate collection/handling instructions and advice in accordance with current salivary bioscience best practices
  • Promote content or distribute Salimetrics’ Salivary Bioscience Bulletins and White Papers
  • Refer to Salimetrics on your lab website (if Institution regulations allow)
  • Ability to host a Spit Camp or Saliva Collection Workshop at least once every 2 years, if requested

Center of Excellence Lab Benefits

  • Lab featured in a select group of certified high-quality salivary bioscience labs
  • Referral link to your COE lab on Salimetrics COE website page
  • Publicity at near-by Salimetrics workshops, conferences and contacts
  • Salivary bioscience education and training support to deliver high-quality results that meet the standards of rigor and reproducibility
  • COE lab certificate and start up package, including COE logo for use by lab
  • Presentation materials and training support for Spit Camps and Saliva Collection Workshops, including syllabus, training workbook and saliva collection sample packs
  • Stay in contact with technical and product updates
  • Advance notice of assay development, protocol changes and new technical information
  • Connection to the Salimetrics’ SalivaLab, UCI IISBR and other COE labs for salivary bioscience best practices, trouble shooting and information sharing


Salimetrics Saliva Testing Lab Locator


USA - The Salimetrics SalivaLab
Lab Contact: Marci Rufenacht
Phone: 1.800.790.2258
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: N/A
Location: World-wide


Certified through the Salimetrics Salivary Bioscience Center of Excellence (COE) Laboratory Program
USA - Institute for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research (IISBR)
Lab Contact: Hillary Piccerillo
Phone: 949-824-1586
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: University of California, Irvine
Location: Irvine, CA
USA - UNC Biobehavioral Lab
Lab Contact: Dr. Hudson Santos
Phone: 919-966-7598
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
USA - Doctor's Data, Inc.
Lab Contact: Dean Bass, PhD
Phone: 630-377-8139 x135
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: None
Location: St. Charles, IL
Australia - Stratech Scientific APAC Saliva Lab
Lab Contact: Dr. Mark Longster
Phone: +61 (0)2 9997 7728
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: None
Location: Mona Vale, Australia
Canada - Center for Studies on Human Stress Lab
Lab Contact: Helen Findlay
Phone: 514-251-4000 ext 3494
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: University of Montreal
Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
Germany - Daacro Saliva Lab Trier
Lab Contact: Dr. Juliane Hellhammer & Anne Dubberke
Phone: +49 (0) 651 9120 494
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: University of Trier
Location: Trier, Germany
UK - ARU Biomarker Lab
Lab Contact: Dr. Christine Bryson
Phone: +44 1223 698143
Website: Visit Website
University Affiliation: Anglia Ruskin University
Location: Cambridge, UK
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Contact: Salimetrics (USA)
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