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Dopamine Receptor – DRD2

Gene Summary
Gene: Dopamine Receptor
Gene Symbol: DRD2
Related Analyte(s): Cotinine, Cortisol
Assay Methodology
Genomic DNA, purified using silica based membrane columns is analyzed by TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays run on the 7900HT real time PCR system
Yield: 2-5 ug genomic DNA

Collect Saliva Samples


Better results begin with better saliva collection. This collection protocol features general considerations to maximize salivary DNA analysis. Use this collection protocol to plan your collection methodology and sampling schemes.

Test Saliva Samples

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Order Code (lab): 5811 (SNP Genotyping)
Transport Requirements: Ship on Dry Ice
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The validated method used by Salimetrics is proprietary and not available in assay kit form at this time.

References & DRD2 Related Research

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  4. Glatt, SJ et al (2006). The Cys allele of the DRD2 Ser311Cys polymorphism has a dominant effect on risk for schizophrenia: evidence from fixed- and random-effects meta-analyses. American Journal of Medical Genetics: Neuropsychiatric Genetics. 41B(2), 149-154.
  5. Clarke, TK. et al. (2014). The Dopamine Receptor D2 (DRD2) SNP rs1076560 is Associated with Opioid Addiction. Annals of human genetics. 78(1), 33-39.
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Safe Saliva Collection in the COVID-19 Era
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Successfully recalibrate your saliva collection and handling procedures with these new safety and compliance guidelines for the COVID-19 era. These guidelines are good practice, easy to follow, and will allow you to begin or continue your research during this historical period of stress and unease… (Read More)

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