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Salivary ​Interleukin-17A

Technical Summary

Analyte Summary
Analyte: Interleukin-17A
Aliases: IL-17A, IL-17
Serum-Saliva Correlation: NA
Optimum Collection Volume: 100 μL
Assay Summary
Methodology: ECL
Sensitivity: 0.74 pg/mL
Assay Range: 0.74 – 3653 pg/mL
Assay Type: Quantitative

Collecting Saliva for Cytokines


Better results begin with better saliva collection. This collection protocol features general considerations to maximize salivary cytokine analysis. Use this analyte specific collection protocol to plan your collection methodology and sampling schemes.


Test Saliva Samples

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The validated method used by Salimetrics is proprietary and not available in assay kit form at this time.

Add DNA Analysis to My Study

Considerations for adding Salivary DNA to analyte Studies:

You can combine salivary analytes with easy, accurate, and affordable genomic testing using Salimetrics SalivaLab and the same sample that you are already collecting – no specialized saliva collection devices or additional samples are required.

Don’t know what SNPs are right for you? The SalivaLab’s DNA team specializes in genetic testing services, we recommend you Request a DNA Consult (gratis) to learn more about common considerations such as # of samples, participant ethnicity, and IRB Approval.

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VNTR & STR Analysis

References & Salivary IL-17A Research

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How to Collect Saliva for COVID-19 Testing

Collecting a saliva sample for COVID-19 testing is simple and easy to do with our Saliva Collection Methods. Relax – that’s the first step! Then watch one of these video collection instructions prior to starting your collection:

Saliva Collection Aid – Standard, 48-Format
Saliva Collection Aid – Narrow, 96-Well Format
Oral Swab with Syringe for Onsite Testing
Oral Swab with Storage Tube for Lab Testing

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COVID-19 Collection