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Salivary DLMO Profile


Technical Summary

Profile Summary
Optimum Collection Volume: 500 μL/sample
Total Number of Samples Required: Variable (7 Recommended)
Interfering Factors
Avoid foods such as pitted fruit, bananas and chocolate 24 hours before sample collection.
Assay Summary
Methodology: ELISA
Sensitivity: 1.37 pg/mL
Assay Range: 0.78-50 pg/mL
Assay Type: Quantitative

About Salivary DLMO

Salivary Melatonin measures in the form of a DLMO profile have been shown to be a reliable method to assess endogenous circadian rhythms. While the hormone melatonin continues to play a critical role in determining an individual’s sleep-wake rhythm, the timing of melatonin onset has been shown to strongly correlate with sleep onset and continuity. Therefore, to fully assess phase shifted melatonin rhythms or disturbances in the sleep-wake cycle, it is often necessary to understand individual circadian rhythms. To accurately perform this assessment, researchers commonly utilize salivary melatonin as a marker of dim light melatonin onset or a salivary DLMO profile as the preferred method for many sleep-wake disorder studies. Salivary melatonin profiles now provide a personalized window of circadian timing that effectively enables researchers to determine circadian phase position and study the influence of circadian timing.

Read the Bulletin: Assessing Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders and Associated Health Concerns Based on Salivary Melatonin and Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO)


How to collect Salivary DLMO Profile


Passive Drool Saliva Collection Kit

SalivaBio Passive Drool Method

Use With: Adults, Children 6+

References & Salivary DLMO Research

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