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Train Your Study Team to Collect Right

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Making Salivary Bioscience Better

Confidence comes from sharing knowledge on high-quality scientific approaches to research. The Saliva Collection Workshop is a practical, no-cost workshop provided by Salimetrics to researchers with the goal of improving participant and collection method compliance for research studies. Better Methods. Better Research.

Based on a solid foundation of Salivary Bioscience Research, this virtual seminar provides a knowledgeable overview of the methods and techniques that maximize the opportunity for a successful study. The Salimetrics team shares best practice, efficiencies and scientific explanations for why specific methods produce better quality results than others. The Workshop presentation is followed by open-discussions and Q&A, where researchers are encouraged to share questions and train your team in an accepting format.

The Saliva Collection Workshop is designed to support experienced and new investigators, project coordinators, core lab associates and graduate students.


  • The Biology of Salivary Bioscience
    • How Biology can contribute to better data
  • Choosing The Right Biomarkers / Analytes for Your Study
    • Stress, Sleep, Inflammation, Obesity, Fertility, and Reproductive Development
  • Common Study Sampling Designs for:
    • Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, Melatonin, and Other Analytes
  • Collection Techniques, Participant Compliance, and How it Affects Your Data
    • How to achieve the best possible participant compliance
    • Maintaining sample integrity through collection, storage, and lab processing
    • Virtual saliva collection practice
  • Q&A and One-On-One Discussions


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How to Collect Saliva for COVID-19 Testing

Collecting a saliva sample for COVID-19 testing is simple and easy to do with our Saliva Collection Methods. Relax – that’s the first step! Then watch one of these video collection instructions prior to starting your collection:

Saliva Collection Aid – Standard, 48-Format
Saliva Collection Aid – Narrow, 96-Well Format
Oral Swab with Syringe for Onsite Testing
Oral Swab with Storage Tube for Lab Testing

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COVID-19 Collection