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OnTimePoint™ Saliva Collection Management System Features


OnTimePoint™ Saliva Collection Management System is Here.

On Time is Better. Guarantee time point accuracy with Salimetrics OnTimePoint™ Sample Collection Management System, the only app developed to increase participant compliance and manage sample collection timepoints to ensure researchers and clinicians have the better methods that lead to increased rigor and reproducibility in their Salivary Bioscience. OnTimePoint™ was designed with the features researchers needed to bridge the “salivary bioscience needs gap” – a practical, inexpensive, easy to use, easy to coordinate, easy to implement, easy to monitor Saliva Collection Management System that leverages the better methods of Salivary Bioscience.

Full Features List:

  • Schedule Sample Collection Time Points (by date/time, by event, immediate or participant initiated)
  • Set real-time reminder notifications for survey or sample collection time points
  • Record date, time, and duration of each sample collection and survey in your study
  • Set “events” to initiate interventions, stimulus, or other study triggers
  • Set Daily and/or Time point Questionnaires
  • Track Participant Sleep/Wake time via user input or FitBit Integration
  • Export all study data to Excel/CSV file
  • Non-Compliance Algorithm flags potentially non-conforming time points
  • Identify, organize and track samples using smart QR Code technology
  • Real Time study set-up to make changes on the fly
  • Researcher Dashboard view with study details and participant activity summary table
  • Does not collect identifying information (No additional IRB approval)
  • Manage different participant groups
  • Mass-Participant Import using Excel template
  • Easy to use graphical study set-up options with simple on-off controls
  • Multi-Study Support
  • Set Missed Collection Notifications and designate how missed samples should be handled
  • Restart any participant
  • Recollect any sample
  • Real-Time Participant Activation/Termination from study
  • Participant activity view table, (sort by key attributes)
  • Participant detail view shows current progress for each participant
  • Add custom pre-and/or-post collection instructions for participants
  • Automatic sample roster generation
  • Set passive drool volume or swab collection countdown timer
  • Increase participant compliance with Badges of encouragement
  • Set custom Welcome and Closing text
  • Add custom branding, university logos, or study-identifying images
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How to Collect Saliva for COVID-19 Testing

Collecting a saliva sample for COVID-19 testing is simple and easy to do with our Saliva Collection Methods. Relax – that’s the first step! Then watch one of these video collection instructions prior to starting your collection:

Saliva Collection Aid – Standard, 48-Format
Saliva Collection Aid – Narrow, 96-Well Format
Oral Swab with Syringe for Onsite Testing
Oral Swab with Storage Tube for Lab Testing

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COVID-19 Collection