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Salivary Bioscience News

Salivary Bioscience Studies That Have Impact: Getting Back to Our ABCDs


(May 12, 2021)

Since being funded in 2015, the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study has enrolled more than 10,000 children with the objective to study numerous facets of cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development over 10 years. This multi-site, nationwide epidemiologic study is the largest of its type and focus to date. Salimetrics’ saliva collection devices, protocols, and laboratory testing services play an important part in generating this study’s salivary bioscience data.

With the COVID-19 vaccines proving successful, the Adolescent Brain and Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study has restarted its important work into the complex relationship between biological hormone levels in children and how they influence the transition into adolescence. “This is an exciting study because of its large sample size and narrow age range from which reference ranges and norms for salivary DHEA, testosterone, and estradiol can be measured in pre-adolescent males and females,” says Supriya Gaitonde, Ph.D., Salimetrics Associate Director of Applications.

Salimetrics’ Training Workshops and logistical support provided ABCD investigators with the tools necessary to restart this important research. “ABCD restarting its program is a strong indication that the research community as a whole is ready to get started again,” says Dr. Gaitonde, “and Salimetrics will be here to support them through every step of the way.”

Although COVID-19 has dominated much of the story of saliva over the last year, the ABCD study is a reminder that Salivary Bioscience makes a positive impact outside of COVID-19. In their first major publication, the ABCD study highlighted recent data in the open access publication, Correspondence Between Perceived Pubertal Development and Hormone Levels in 9-10 Year-Olds From the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study, issued by Frontiers in Endocrinology. Baseline data, such as the association between body mass index and hormone levels, has already been generated from this study. Importantly, this study provides a window into the relative contributions of puberty and sociodemographic factors such as race and ethnicity on adolescent development.

Salimetrics’ scientific teams were engaged to support the rollout of protocols for 21 different data collection sites across the United States and ensure the integrity of sample collection, handling, storage, cold chain, and transport was maintained. The Salimetrics’ SalivaLab tested all of the project’s samples. “We value helping researchers, and this study is a testament to the concentrated effort that Salimetrics applies to support the scientific community,” says Dr. Gaitonde.

For over 20 years, Salimetrics and its academic partners have worked together to develop the best methods on how to collect, handle and assay oral fluids to consistently provide accurate, reproducible data. “Salimetrics is ready with the experience and the latest knowledge in salivary bioscience,” says Dr. Gaitonde. “Using the proper tools and techniques, Salimetrics builds on the foundation of scientific credibility and is committed to providing cost-effective solutions for the most accurate results.”

About Salimetrics:
Salimetrics’ assay kits and CLIA-certified testing services are used to measure salivary analytes related to stress, behavior and development, inflammation, sleep, reproduction, health and immune function. Founded in 1998 by Douglas A. Granger, Ph.D., Salimetrics, LLC support CROs, pharmaceuticals, academic researchers and the immunodiagnostic industry around the world with innovative immunoassay products, non-invasive saliva collection methods, and laboratory testing services.

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*Note: Salimetrics provides this information for research use only (RUO). Information is not provided to promote off-label use of medical devices. Please consult the full-text article.

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