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Saliva Collection Training Videos

Passive Drool Saliva Collection Video

How to collect Passive Drool saliva samples with a Cryovial and SalivaBio’s Saliva Collection Aid.

Ready to provide your passive drool sample the easy way? In this video, Marci from Salimetrics explains how to easily collect a passive drool sample using SalivaBio’s Saliva Collection Aid and Cryovials.

Saliva Collection Step-by-Step Outline:

  1. Open foil pouch and remove the Saliva Collection Aid (SCA).
  2. Place ribbed-end of the SCA securely into a pre-labeled collection vial (see Caution 3 below).
  3. Allow saliva to pool in mouth. Then, with head tilted forward, gently guide saliva through the SCA into the vial. DO NOT SPIT/BLOW or otherwise force saliva into the tube. This will create foaming and bubbles.
  4. After the vial is filled to the required volume, remove and discard SCA. Attach cap to collection vial and tighten. Store your sample as recommended.

Passive Drool Cautions:

  1. Use only as directed; Use each Saliva Collection Aid only once.
  2. Do not use this device for children under the age of three (3), or without adult supervision
  3. Do not disassemble or pull apart device; discard if disassembled.

Full Protocol: Passive Drool Saliva Collection

Contact: Salimetrics (USA)
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