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Archives: Collection Methods

Children's Swab Saliva Collection Device

SalivaBio Children’s Swab (SCS)

Saliva Collection for Children 6 Months – 6 Years Old Experience convenient collection children from 6 months to 6 years of age (or from animals) with SalivaBio’s Children’s Swab (SCS) Method.The Children’s Swab method performs safely and effectively and features a 125mm swab which is long enough to hold one end firmly while placing the […]

SalivaBio Infant’s Swab (SIS)

Saliva Collection for Infants <6 Months Old Experience convenient collection from children less than 6 months of age with SalivaBio’s Infant’s Swab (SIS) Method.The SIS Method affords you consistent, safe, effective and interference-free swab saliva collection. The SIS method features a 90mm swab which is long enough to hold one end firmly while placing the […]

SalivaBio Oral Swab (SOS)

Saliva Collection for Adults and Children 6+ Years Old The SalivaBio Oral Swab (SOS) Method brings participant comfort & interference-free results to a broad array of research and diagnostic applications. Unlike other swabs, the family of SalivaBio Swabs are the ONLY swab saliva collection devices proven to have the highest correlation to passive drool. Validated […]

SalivaBio Passive Drool

Saliva Collection for Adults & Children 6+ Years Old Passive drool is a saliva collection method for collecting whole saliva (also called “mixed” saliva). Passive drool is considered by many researchers to be the gold standard when collecting saliva samples for biological testing, because it provides the purest sample possible and allows researchers to “biobank” […]